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Riding stable:

Specialized to the hilt but we are turning him around towards Dialled Bikes. Dave a.k.a. 'Davebus' to friends and foes alike.

Why are you called Davebus? someone asked him once. "Cos I used to drive a bus" came the obvious response...

First joined the group in September 2007 and quickly became a ride organiser and ride leader which was great as it spreads the load from me always having to organise the rides.

  • Specialized Enduro circa 2005
  • Specialized FSR carbon frame 2009
  • Dialled Bikes Prince Albert


Height: 6ft 2 inches

Weight: 15 'ish stone

Website role: The ride leader, new trail finder, routemaster extraordinaire

Real Life Job: Salsa tutor and Persian cat breeder


1. Rides every week, come rain, shine or snow
2. Regular poster of rides on the ride diary
3. Takes all the abuse on the chin and gets on with it
4. Enjoys his riding, nuff said



  1. Faster up the hills than he is down them
  2. Serial hub-breaker, 3 to date that I know about
  3. Jet-wash bandit. This may or may not be the cause of number 2

Special moments:

  1. Too many to mention, over the bars here, there and everywhere
  2. Losing his bike in the bushes at the bottom of Windy Willow
  3. Losing his camera in the bushes at the bottom of Abba Zabba. Laugh? I nearly wet myself I was crying with laughter.
  4. Losing circa 3 stone to become a stronger, faster, lighter rider. We can re-build him...

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