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Epsom Downs

The North Downs/Leith Hill area

Track 40

Belmont Downs



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Belmont Downs


This is the area to the left of the A217 heading out from Sutton towards Banstead. We normally meet at Belmont Bus depot and go onto the Downs from there. The downs comprises of a fairly large area of common land with lots of trails crossing each other.

It’s a pretty simple ride because there are loads of trails to choose from and they will all meet at various stages so you can just keep on turning left and right until you have had enough. Secondly, you can’t get lost because you are never more than a mile or so from a road and lastly, although there are small climbs, the general area is pretty flat so you can get plenty of miles in.

For more tracks go North of the road around Downs View prison.

The terrain is mostly chalk based so it never gets too muddy but it can be slippery.

Track 40

This is contained within Belmont Downs but it is a specific route that has existed for at least 25 years. I used to ride this route as a 13 year old on my old Raleigh racer, which I had converted with ‘Tracker’ handlebars as we used to call them. It is called Track 40 for the simple reason that at the start of the route there is a speed limit sign indicating ‘40’ (mph). If you have found Belmont bus depot, continue along the main road (A217) for about 100 yards and turn left into the woods by the ‘40’ sign post. Then simply follow the trail for the next half-mile or so and you have reached the end when you come out of the woods by the 2 large bomb holes in the chalk.


The route is a fantastic mix of fast tight turns with hummocks, humps, exposed roots and small drops mixed in. The local BMX’ers have also been around building jump points which you can use or avoid whichever your preference.

Again, the terrain is mainly chalk although there is a good covering of soil so you don’t slip over in the tight turns.

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all photos and content copyright of Richard Sear 1999 to 2015