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3rd April 2005 Richard, Huey, Sue and Roger - MBR Killer Loop, South Downs

Huey and Sue are really upping their game in readiness for the Marin Rough Ride and at my suggestion, we head down Chichester way for the recently published MBR South Downs killer loop.

It's an eventful journey. First, we are passed by a beaten up VW estate loaded with 3 bikes including an ancient yellow Proflex loaded on the roof. The car seems to be pushing it in the outside lane. A couple of minutes later we spot 2 cars hastily parked up on the hard shoulder and 3 guys running back up the A3 towards the Proflex looking a little the worse for wear lying in the middle lane.

Next we pass a huge gaggle of roadies on carbon frames and with lycra aplenty as they undertake a time trial along the A3 near Longmoor.

We are being joined by Roger who is riding the 20 odd miles off-road from Arundel to the start point. Unsurpisingly perhaps he is late but as we finally set off the sun is starting to warm the morning up.

Here's some of the scenes from the day and a route guide.

Video Clip of Roger's bike skills (right click and save target as) - 2.73mb Movie file

prepping the bikes in the layby at West Marden

some of the wide open spaces on the South Downs

Huey at the other end of the field near Cowdown Farm




The road junction just before Woodcroft Farm - Rog takes a breather whilst Huey fixes a flat. Sue seems to be praying for salvation

the impossibly steep hill as we turn sharp left just before Ditcham Park School

a clearly posed shot but quite nice anyway - just before the left turn towards Oakham Bottom

Huey closely followed by Sue heading to Oakham Bottom

Huey adjusts my rear mech near Coulter Dean Farm. It has been slipping for the last painful eight miles

Rog with a steel Albert between his legs

more of the fabulous views from the South Downs Way

Huey and Roger are neck and neck all the way heading towards the lunch stop on the South Downs Way



the lunch spot at the monument on Harting Downs

Roger clowning about

Huey points out the scene of his best accident many years before

Richard on Beacon Hill

The South Downs Way nicely rutted by 4x4s - thank god it was dry

another hill looms in the distance as we head towards Buriton Farm

flatlands at last as we skirt Philliswood Down

more climbing

Huey and Roger


Sue with the lost dog

Sue comes to collect me after I take the wrong turn right at the end of the trail near Hooksway


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